Introduction to Ivotion Denture System

Introduction to Ivotion Denture System

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Ivoclar Academy, Gustav III:s Boulevard 50, Solna

Course Description

In this course, participants will be shown the manufacturing process of digital dentures using the Digital Denture System integrated into the 3Shape Dental System CAD software. We will jointly establish the appropriate procedure for transferring the correct centric relation and occlusion into the CAD software. Based on scans, the teeth will be set-up according to esthetic and functional guidelines. A denture will be milled using the PrograMill milling unit. The participants will be able to test the software and design a digital denture.


Participants will experience and learn more about the following topics:

  • Short overview (clinical and technical) of the Ivotion Denture System, equipment and materials portfolio as well as the history of digital dentures
  • Demonstration of scanning
  • Design of a custom tray with integrated bite registration (3D Bite Plate)
  • Design of a complete denture by using the oversized milling procedure or the bi-colored Ivotion disc
  • Importing of the CAD output format and calculation of the milling paths in the CAM software

The Ivotion Denture System comprises a complete digital manufacturing process which allows you to create removable dentures. It is based on Ivoclar Vivadent‘s long-standing expertise in removable denture prosthetics. Clinical instruments for preliminary bite registration, bite recording and functional impression taking have been specially developed for the Ivotion Denture workflow in order to ensure predictable results and reliable planning and treatment steps.

It seamlessly combines materials and processes from Ivoclar Vivadent with scanning and software solutions from 3Shape. An exclusively developed design software together with coordinated and proven materials,  including special manufacturing strategies and state-of-the art milling machines promise exceptional reliability and consistent, predictable results. The system features extensive tooth libraries in addition to sample tooth set-ups, morphing tools, various set-up functions and the latest gingiva designs.

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Trainer: Thomas Doblander, Dental Technician

  • Manager Global Education technical, Ivoclar Vivadent Schaan, Liechtenstein. 
  • BPS Master Instructor
  • Digital Instructor labside                  



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