Data Innovation Summit 2021

Data Innovation Summit 2021

Thursday, 14 October 2021 at 07:30

Hybrid Event- Kistamässan, Stockholm

Welcome to Data Innovation Summit 2021.

Data Innovation Summit is the biggest and the most influential Data, Analytics and AI event in the Nordics and beyond. With over 200 case studies and technical deep dives presented on seven different stages across two days, the event brings data management, advanced analytics, and AI practitioners of today and the leaders of the future in one place to discuss ways to accelerate data and AI-driven innovation and industrialise advanced analytics projects into production. It is an annual place where the most innovative data and AI projects and technologies are presented. An event that is designed to impact and shape the future of business and society by crosspollinating knowledge and experience in data management, advanced analytics, IoT and AI across organisations, industries, and regions. A worldwide movement, ushering the community of data practitioners across countries and sectors to collaborate, benchmark, share and innovate.




  1. The current governmental recommendation restricting inhouse large events is still in practice in Sweden with a plan to be removed beginning of September 2021, if not sooner. Therefore, when purchasing a ticket, start with booking your Online Ticket and then add Upgrades as you them see fit.
  2. When choosing an Onsite Package upgrade, please be reminded that utilizing this upgrade depends on the current government recommendations and therefore it is fully refundable. You can purchase this upgrade at any point. 
  3. According to the Swedish Tax Regulation (dnr 131 209264316/111), international customers are not obliged to pay VAT for conferences in Sweden. VAT still applies for Swedish customers. 
  4. Please choose the right ticket option to avoid any request for additional payment. 
  5. All payments processed by CC will receive a CC receipt to reimburse the amount from their accounting department.  
  6. The tickets listed bellow is not applicable for Solution Providers, Technology Providers, Consultants and Recruitment Companies offering services within Data Analytics, Science, ML etc.  Please contact our Sales Director Kenan Bouzo for further information.   
Booking type Price Quantity Price / Quantity

1890.00 SEK

excluding tax 25%
Virtual access to all streamed event stages, panels, technology in practice, additional online only content.Virtual access to Data Octagon panels and Tech trends. Access to the official event app.Replay option. Complimentary Digital Gift Bag: super awesome giveaways and digital goodies from our partners, such as: prices, merchandise, access to training, whitepapers, webinars, manuals, guides and so much more. Exclusive Webinar and Workshop.

This ticket is not applicable for Vendors listed in point 6 in the event description.

300.00 SEK

excluding tax 25%
Post event access for 5 weeks after the summit. Includes access to all presentations and panels, and networking activities with all participants.

1200.00 SEK

excluding tax 25%
(Fully refundable)
Onsite Access for 2 days to Summit Venue including food, refreshments, Access to Data After Dark Party, Nordic DAIR Awards Celebration and much more.

8460.00 SEK

excluding tax 25%
Applicable for delegates working with Vendors offering Solution, Technology, Consultancy and Recruitment services.. Fee per delegate.